A Guide to Wearing Rhinestone Belts Like a Pro

Not everyone can wear bright red and look good. Only people with enough courage and a sense of style can do that. Rhinestone belts are those loud statement pieces that can either earn you bushels of kudos or make you an object of ridicule to everyone.

Wearing something bright and shiny requires a sense of color coordination. You need to know how to blend colors. An ill-color-coordinated outfit makes every piece look irrelevant. From how to style a belt to everything you need to know about streetwear fashion, this blog covers all.

How to Wear a Belt

A belt just does not hold up your pants; it also coordinates your torso with your legs and defines the leg-to-body ratio by highlighting the focal point. When it comes to wearing a belt, a few considerations are important.

  • Its Color Should Blend Well into the Outfit

Your belt’s color should match the color of your shoes to make the entire outfit look cohesive. However, sometimes it’s difficult to find manage the same color. In that case, the texture comes into play. For instance, if you’re wearing white canvas shoes, a white belt may not be the right choice even if you find it. A red or taupe-grey fabric belt may be a better choice.

  • It Should Have the Same Material and Sheen as Your Shoes

The next two things you have to match with your shoes to achieve a well-coordinated look are the material and sheen. A shiny, polished belt would be an ill choice to go with suede shoes.

  • It Shouldn’t Exceed More Than Three Inches After the Buckle

A belt with a hanging tail or slid through more than one loop of your pants after the buckle is obviously oversized and looks sheer ugly. Like every other piece of clothing, your belt should be your size.

  • It Should Be as Wide as Your Waist Belt

A belt that is wider than your waist belt won’t certainly slide through the loops. It will tear the loops if you try to slide it through them. On the other hand, a belt that is too thin will look more like a thread than a belt.

Ideally, thick belts are casual while thin belts formal.

  • Know Your Belt for The Occasion

The edge of a belt is either straight or flattened, and either stitched or unstitched. Belts having plain straight edges with no stitching are genetically casual and go with jeans and chino pants. The other three edges, however, can blur well into both casual and formal arrangements.

How to Rock Rhinestone Belts: Tips from Pros

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Rhinestone belts are a gift of pop-punk culture from the 1970s when teenagers idolized music artists and bands from the 1960s and followed their exuberant and extravagant lifestyles. The Beatles, for example, heavily influenced their dressing style. Vibrant floral shirts came into style, encouraging people to make such bold and brave choices.

Singers and actors wore rhinestone belts to achieve a starry look – gleaming and glamourous. Soon these belts became party wear, and people started wearing them to cocktail parties and fancy occasions. Due to their elaborate, embellished look, they were considered more like jewelry.

Worn by rebellious youngsters who made distinct clothing choices to set themselves apart from the mainstream, rhinestone belts were originally a street style. Although they are no longer considered street fashion, they retain their original feel.

From what was seen as street fashion, they have become the evening apparel of the rich and classy. However, more than being rich, you need to have a sense of style to adopt such bold fashion. Here are a few ways you can do that.

Go for a Monochrome Scheme

To get your studded sash noticed, monochrome clothing is the best option you can opt for. Statement pieces such as rhinestone belts work like highlighters; they enhance your look by adding a bit of color and brightness. Wearing them over colorful and complicated patterns will camouflage them. Black and white act as the best canvases for them, but you can choose any other color. Just make sure your dress is not the same color or as bright as the belt – or else, the belt will lose its sheen.

Lash it Over a Swing Dress

Like we just said, rhinestone belts are not those utilitarian leather belts that are used to keep your pants in place; they are worn as jewelry and don’t always need loops. They go very well with swing and sheath dresses, beautifully defining your silhouette.

Add a Fancy Touch to Your Jeans-and-Tee Look

Owning a rhinestone belt can save you from running to the market and squandering your half month’s salary on an expensive party costume. It can make even a pair of jeans fancy enough for any dancing party. Skinny black jeans tied with a golden rhinestone belt make perfect party garb.

Thicken the Eyeliner

If you are a fan of gothic fashion, you must know that goths wore heavy, black eyeliners and dark nail paints along with rhinestone belts. With those low-rise pants and heavy eyeliners, Avril Lavigne, the Canadian singer and songwriter, continues to inspire us with her gothic glam.

Gel Up Your Hair

You might want to gel your hair a little to get into the groove of the 1970s. However, whether you have a shag or a more polished hairstyle, the rhinestone belt will take you all the way back to the pop-punk culture, making you want to bust a move.

Wear it with Confidence

Confidence is the key to success. No matter how expensive or aesthetically appealing your outfit is, if you don’t feel confident and comfortable in it, it’s not the right choice. If you want your rhinestone belt to add shine to your personality, you need to feel confident while wearing it.

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