Where to Buy Rhinestone Belts in Plus Size

Having a wardrobe with various stylish outfits, sandals, bags, and all the girly products can make you the sweetheart of anyone, and if you give it a touch of stunning rhinestone belts – no power on earth can stop you from being drop-dead gorgeous regardless of your size and body mass.

Everyone wants to look elegant on their big day, parties, graduation ceremony, and other happy days that we all want to celebrate desperately. We can help you decide how to look at your event, how you can differ from others, what your dress color should be, and how you would look if you wore some accessories.

When you finally decide what would be your overall look at your event, your next thought is, "from where can I buy these things?" The answer to this is simple - shop online. Because everything is just a click away from you without the pain of you physically going to the market after taking important time off from your office or your hectic day. This consumes so much of your time and energy than necessary.

Online shopping, on the other hand, brings ease for you - search, find, choose, tap, and Tadaaa! Your order is ready to be dispatched - all while sitting cozily on your couch at home. You can find anything from online stores in a wide range of colors, sizes, types, and so on.

When it comes to size, many people get concerned about whether a product they order will fit them perfectly or not? Another concern is with regard to authenticity. Public-approved eCommerce stores will never disappoint you regarding the size of your desired product.

You can get your rhinestone belts in plus size because we care for you and your love for shopping. So, here's how you can find rhinestone belts in plus size.

Measure Your Waist Size

The first step while buying anything online is to know a few things about yourself accurately. To do this, measure your waist size in centimeters (cm). Next, choose where you would like to wear the rhinestone belt – on your high waist or below your waist). Then measure your waist exactly where you'd like the belt to be.

For a better measurement, wear high waist jeans that would fit you perfectly and then measure your waist with the help of a measuring tape; this will give your more accurate results concerning where your belt would look perfect when you wear it. This way, you will feel confident when meeting your friends and loved ones at a party or occasion – you will be perfectly elegant and rock your event.

Though you can try on belts before buying them by visiting stores in person, which would be the best idea for you, fortunately, or unfortunately, these rhinestone belts in plus size are high in demand. Therefore, it goes out of stock from the stores within a short period. At the end of the day, you would naturally prefer ordering your belt online from an e-commerce store. That's the quickest and most convenient way to get your desired product at your doorstep without having to worry about visiting stores in person, trying on belts, etc.

Pick out Belt Logo, Style, and Size.

After the perfect size measurement, choose the type of belt you want, textured leather or smooth?

Once you choose your favorite one, decide what design you would want of your belt. Particularly, the logo (which is usually on the buckle) - the essential part of the belt that offers an appealing appearance for the belt. Secondly, decide what size you want your logo to be. You would usually want that to be according to your body mass. A larger one would look more stunning on the plus sizes.

At this point, while you have decided what style and size your belt should be, the next step is to decide what color would match your attire. With that said, black is the universal color in the belts world; therefore, it goes out of stock within a short time frame. If you EVER go on a hunt for black rhinestone belts in plus size, do check e-commerce stores repeatedly to avoid the inconvenience of facing a shortage of black belts. On the other hand, if you have a good sense of fashion, you can easily match your party wear dress with a belt color other than black.


There's no specification regarding men's and women's belts; therefore, if you decide you want a black one, and if it's sold out in the women's, try looking at the men's version. You will surely find the best fit for yourself.

Customize Your Belt Yourself

If you ever see a belt that delights you, and you envision yourself wearing that belt at a party telling your friends that you bought it from this or that store - that shows your love for your belt is all worth it. Therefore, if you ever come across such a belt and can't find the plus size for it, the world isn't over. Breathe. There's always a solution for every problem.

You can take that belt to the cobbler and pierce it to add holes where needed.

Stand Tall and Confident

Rhinestone belts can have quite an impact when you wear them. A well-thought-out belt can do wonders even with the simplest attire. A simple leather belt with a unique gold buckle can also do wonders that add a polished touch. Online stores have a ton of fashion deals hidden throughout. While discussing plus-size rhinestone belts, the largest size that the brand can offer may vary from 120 cm to further on the scale. You can customize the belt to make sure you get the perfect fit. If you choose a wide design, it'll help accentuate your waist, no matter what you decide to wear it with.

The belts for plus-size women should be wide as they sort of cinch the waist in to produce a hot figure. However, when choosing a belt, it's best to buy one that is at least two inches larger than your waist. A big belt logo will add length to the plus-size belt, so consider that when checking the belt for its size. Those who find their weight fluctuating from time to time are advised to choose a plus-size belt that is made of stretchable material or one that can be adjusted, such as a chain-link belt that could be a good option.

A plus-size belt is thicker in width and will typically look more stunning than a thinner one, especially on women. It's a fact that a bigger belt logo highlights the figure more and can add a sense of size proportion. The good news is that plus-size belts have a variety of styles. Standard belts that come in leather or other similar materials are the most common styles; however, you can find a plus-size belt in metallic-chain links or snakeskin. Many online e-commerce stores have them. But if you still can't find your size, you can make a custom belt upon request too.

It's important to know the right size, especially if you aren't able to try the belt on when purchasing online, to avoid any future inconvenience. However, companies often have their sizing parameters; therefore, you should check with the company selling the belt regarding their size marking. In the US, belt sizes are based on inches, while in most European countries, centimeters are considered for blet size measurements.

Men Belt Size

Men's belt sizes are presented in inch measurements, although some brands offer even-number sizes. Men with plus size requirements will find it difficult to find the perfect belt size at general shopping stores, which mostly sell average-sized belts. The tiny belt sizes for men start from 26.5-28 in waist measurement (inches) and 28-30 in length (inches), and the XL size 40.5-42 and 43-44 28-30 in length (inches). However, 4XL size (the max extra-large size) starts from 46.5-48 in waist measurement (inches) in waist measurement (inches) and 49-50 in length (inches).

Women Belt Size

Well, it's not a simple task for women to find plus-sized belts compared to men. Belts for women are also labeled with a general sizing of a small, medium, large, and an extra-large for some brands, rather than the length measurement. So, women's XS size comes with up to 26 in the waist and up to 28 in length, and if we discuss XL size, it comes in 34-35 in waist measurement and 36-37 in length. However, the max extra-large size (3X) comes in 38-39 waist and 40-41 in length.

Some Important Tips You Should Know

  • Belts generally have 5 holes, and the best fit helps you stick the prong on the hole that makes you feel comfortable. The perfect belt size loops around your waist once or twice at the most.
  • Most belt sizes are measured in inches; however, some stores, in general, provide XS, S, M, L, XL sizes.
  • Some European countries use centimeters for belt measurements.
  • If you wear a waist size of an odd number, like 35, buy a new belt having a size of 34.
  • The belt size is usually measured 2-3 inches more than the actual waist size; therefore, if your pants' size is 36", that means you will need a 38" sized belt.

Types of Belts you would like to buy

Let's get thrilled about the fact that rhinestone belts come in different amazing styles and types. Some common types are mentioned below:

  • Braided leather belt
  • Distressed leather belt
  • Thin women's leather belt
  • Top-stitched belt
  • Brown leather belt
  • Embossed leather belt
  • Initial leather belts
  • Chain-link belts
  • Motif belts
  • Double-stitched formal leather belts

Luckily, the fashion industry is booming, and introducing new and exquisite accessories that charm up your day is not difficult. Let's suppose a cake is nothing but a piece of sponged, sweet bread, and when it is decorated with delicious and colorful layers of cream, decorative frosting, topped with different fruits, and placed on the shelf at a shop, everyone craves it. A belt is somewhat the same. On its own, it's a piece of leather. But when seasoned and embellished, people want to have it.

A belt is a nice way to change the character of your clothes. Belts work as a tool that enhances your overall look and appearance, making you the sweetheart at your event. Rhinestone belts work both ways; if your attire isn't perfectly fit and keeps slipping down from your waist, a belt will handle the extra fabric and create a stylish look.

Know which attire would look stylish with a belt

  • Fit and flare dresses
  • Maxi dresses
  • T-shirt dresses
  • Shirt dresses
  • Office formal clothing

We're here with all the Care You want

The world is full of different types of people and things. Each one stands out for being different from others, and you are identifiable through your beauty, and there's beauty within everyone. The world has much in store for us, in bulk too, and we can find anything we are passionate about, whether that's your passion toward your business or your passion toward fashion - you can rock at both.

Accessories can enhance your overall look when accompanied by attire properly, and thus, Rhinestone belts give you just that with a stylish look and make you the cherry on top to rock your event. There are many types and styles and a variety of Rhinestone belts that are easily available at e-commerce stores, like Amazon, Walmart, and many more in the market.

There's no end to fashion, and there are wide-ranging items, accessories, and stylish outfits waiting for you so that you can doll up with all the confidence and elegance at your special events. Once you choose and get familiar with your body type and what suits you, you will be all set to bring more style to your wardrobe with Rhinestone belts. Pamper yourself with the love you deserve. Try new belts of any size to upgrade your look and stand out.