Terms of Service

This website is run and operated by rhinestonebeltstore.com. Across the web, the words 'we," us, and 'our' relate to rhinestonebeltstore.com. According to your approval of all the requirements, notifications, terms, and guidelines adhere to rhinestonebeltstore.com platform, along with all the content, resources, and services accessible on this website, provided to you by rhinestonebeltstore.com as a client.

By visiting our website and buying something from us, you engage in our 'Services.' You have committed to being legally bound by the terms and conditions as listed. These terms and conditions and relevant guidelines are pointed to herein and available by hyperlink ('Terms of Service,' 'Terms'). Similar User agreement applies to every web user, like browser users, manufacturers, consumers, distributors, and creators of content, without confines.

For any new characteristic or resources introduced to the current store, the Terms of Service therefore applies. The latest edition of the Terms of Service can be reviewed at any time on this list. Through uploading changes and adjustments to our site, rhinestonebeltstore.com retains the ability to modify, substitute, or improve any aspect of these Terms of Service. For any improvements or adjustments, you have to review rhinestonebeltstore.com ToS page regularly. Your continual utilization of access to the website even after updates have been implemented compose approval of those modifications.

Shopify Inc. Shopify is hosting our store gives us an online e-commerce channel that enables us to offer you our services and goods.


By accepting rhinestonebeltstore.com Terms of Service, you specifically designate yourself that you are at least the majority age in your house or in the region. You have granted us your consent to access any one of your small dependents to use that same platform.

Our goods should not be used for any illegal or unethical intent, or you may not violate any laws in your state by using the Facility. It is not appropriate to spread any malware or bugs or any script of a malicious nature. A violation or infringement of any of the terms & conditions would result in the immediate termination of your facilities


rhinestonebeltstore.com retains the authority to discontinue the service to someone for any reason at any time. You have such a detailed view that your contents can be transmitted unencrypted (not including account information) and include a) transmissions over various networks and b) modifications to comply with and agree to the technical specifications of linking networks or equipment. Credit card information is still protected throughout transmission over channels. You commit not to reproduce, replicate, recreate, offer or utilize the service, misuse anything of the service, or view or communicate the service through the platform via which our service is available without our prior approval.


The topics included in this Contract shall be used in the ease only and should not limit and or in different circumstances, it impacts the conditions of these Terms. If the data made accessible on this website is not reliable, existing, or accurate, rhinestonebeltstore.com is not liable. Information from the Website is given for general knowledge only. Without reviewing original, more comprehensive, more reliable, or more timely areas of information, it should not be depended upon and then used as the primary criteria for decision-making. Any dependence on the content on this web is at your fortune. This Web site can include some historical details. Historical knowledge is not always up to date and is given for your source. We retain the right to alter this site's material at any time, but we do not commit to modifying any details about our site. You accept that it is your task to track improvements to our platform.


Price levels for our goods are prone to revision without any notification.

Rhinestonebeltstore.com retains the ability at any moment, without any warning, to change or suspend the service (or any portion or substance of the service).

We should not be accountable to you or any related party for any alteration, price adjustment, termination, or cancellation of the Facility.


Few goods or services can specifically be made accessible to the public via the website. These goods or services are accountable only to refund or trade under our Return Policy and may be capped in quantity.

rhinestonebeltstore.com has made a concerted effort to show our items' colors and photos that show as ultimately as possible in the stores. rhinestonebeltstore.com cannot assure that displays of any color. We retain the ability to limit our goods, services, and products to every other person, geographical area, state, or jurisdiction but are therefore not obliged to do that. We should exercise this right on a case-by-case basis. rhinestonebeltstore.com retains the right to reduce the volume of products or services provided by us. All product information or pricing can modify without prior notice, at our absolute discretion. rhinestonebeltstore.com retains the right to terminate any product or service at any time. The display on your device will be correct. Any bid for any good or service created on this website is invalid if revoked. We do not guarantee that the reliability of any goods, information services, or other product bought or obtained by you will satisfy your expectations and the same as if any error occurs in service


rhinestonebeltstore.com retains the authority to refuse any orders that you have sent to us. We may limit or withdraw quantity purchased per individual, per family, or per request at our absolute discretion. Orders made under the same user's account, credit card, and orders that used the same mailing address and shipping information may be included in such provisions. If we change or reject a shipment, we can inform you whenever the order has been placed by calling you an email via the given details you use. rhinestonebeltstore.com reserves the authority to block or restrict orders, which would, in our sole judgment, tend to be made by distributors, retailers, or suppliers. For more information or questions, please check our returns policy.


We can grant you access to third-party resources that we do not track or even have any authority or feedback.

You understand and accept that we can provide access to specific tools "as is and "as accessible" without any assurance, guarantees, or limitations of any kind any recognition. We would have no responsibility whatever arising out of or describing your need for additional third-party tools." You consent to provide the accurate, correct, and exact purchasing and account details for all transactions made from our store. You have accepted to upgrade your account and other personally identifiable information immediately, includes credit card information, expiration date, and email address, so that we would update your purchases and communicate with you as applicable. Use of any voluntary tools provided by you through the web is solely at your own choice and risk. You should verify that the terms in which the applicable third-party provider offers tools are understood and accepted by you.

We will also provide new features and capabilities through the platform in the future (including the launch of new resources and tools). (including the release of new resources and tools). These new features and functions also apply to all these Terms of Service.


Third-party materials maybe incorporate into the relevant content, goods, and services accessible via the service.

On this website, links to third parties may guide you to third parties' websites that are not associated with us.

rhinestonebeltstore.com is not liable for the standard or performance of the analysis or assessment, and we also do not guarantee it. We shall not be responsible for any third-party materials or sites or any other third-party materials, goods, or services. rhinestonebeltstore.com should not be responsible for any harm or wastage connected with the transaction or utilization of goods in connection with any third-party website, like products, resources, facilities, material, or any other transaction made.

Feel free to thoroughly research the guidelines and standards of third parties to ensure you know them before participating in any activity. Objections, complaints, suspicions, or inquiries related to a third party's goods must be communicated to the third party.


Assume that at our order and without an order from us, you apply those unique requests (e.g., contest entries). Suppose you send innovative ideas, recommendations, initiatives, projects, or other materials, either electronically, by mail, by letter, or in any other way). You accept that we can, without constraint, edit, reproduce, print, circulate, interpret, and sometimes even use them in any way at any time. We are under no commitment to (1) preserve trust in any remarks; 2) receive damages for any remarks; or (3) react to any remarks.

Such Terms of Service may be illegal, insulting, malicious, defamatory, inaccurate, untruthful, obscene, vulgar, problematic, or breach any party's assets. Nevertheless, we are not obligated to track, alter, or delete material that we decide at our absolute discretion.

You accept that your posts would not breach any third-party privileges, like copyright laws, designs, anonymity, appearance, or other private or patent rights. Besides, you accept that your statements don't include libelous or unlawful comments, offensive or obscene content, or any virus attacks or other bugs that may impact the service's effectiveness or any related website.

You cannot claim to use a fake email to be anyone other than yourself or deceive third parties about the origins of any comments or us. For any remarks you create, and for their validity, you are personally accountable.  We bear no responsibility and accept no accountability for any comments posted by you or any related 3rd parties.


The User Agreement of rhinestonebeltstore.com regulates your submission of personal details via the website.


Occasionally, details including grammatical mistakes, misrepresentations, or oversights relating to product specifications, costs, advertisements, deals, freight costs, transit times, and accessibility can appear on our platform or the service. rhinestonebeltstore.com retains the right to resolve any mistakes, misrepresentations, or oversights and alter or adjust details or cancel orders without earlier notification if any information is found incorrect in the service or any associated website (even you have consented to your order).

We exercise no responsibility, except as legally obligated, to update, alter, or explain details on the service or any associated website, such as, without limitation, financial records. To show that any information provided in the service and any related website has been modified or updated, no update or renewal date is indicated in the service or any related website.


eApart from other restrictions, as set down in the Terms of Service, you are restricted from using the platform or its material: (a) for any improper act; (b) encouraging others to conduct or engage in any unlawful or unethical act; (c) violating any foreign, federal, regional or state rules, laws, rules or local laws; (d) violation of any of our intellectual property; (e) bullying, assaulting, abusing, damaging, slandering, maligning, demeaning, discriminating or threatening persons on the basis of gender, sexual preference, religion, ethnicity, race, national origin, age, gender, religion or disability; (f) presenting inaccurate and wrong information; (g) uploading or distributing any other malicious code or bugs which may or may harm the compatibility or usability of such code or bugs; (h) the collection or surveillance of private details of other persons; (I) spamming, phishing, pharmaceutical, excuse, spider climbing or scraping; (j) for any inappropriate or unethical purpose; or (k) intervention with or circumvention of the safety features of the service or any associated domain, website or internet site. We reserve the right to remove your use of the service or any associated website for violations of any unauthorized uses.


Your continuous, prompt, safe, or error-free usage of our service is not assured, reflected, or warranted.

We do not promise that the conclusions drawn from the use of the service will be correct or reliable.

You accept that we can, without prior notification to you, remove the service for extended periods from time to time, or terminate the service at any time.

In general, you accept that your use of or failure to use the service is at your sole risk. The goods and services supplied to you via the service are given for your use as is' and 'as accessible' (except as specifically mentioned by us without representation, assurances, or terms of any sort, express / implied, including all implied warranties or conditions of fraudulent misrepresentation, merchantable consistency, fitness for a particular purpose, reliability, title, and non-infringement.

Under no conditions shall rhinestonebeltstore.com, our directors, officers, staff, associates, representatives, contractors, apprentices, distributors, service providers, or licensors be responsible for any harm, loss, allegation, or direct indirect, punitive, incidental, unique, or substantive harm of any kind whatsoever, including but are not limited to, loss of profits, loss of income, loss of savings, loss of data, loss of costs, loss of data, loss of profits, loss of income, loss of savings, destruction of information. Such as, without restriction, loss of revenue or income of any kind, loss of savings, destruction of information, expenditures of replacement or any other impactful harm of any kind (including negligence), vicarious liability, and otherwise arising from your use of any of the Services or any goods purchased through the service or any goods purchased through the service or any other claim in any way arising from your use of any of the Services. Include but are not restricted to any mistake or omission of any Content, or any loss or harm of any sort arising out of the use of the Service or any Material(s) posted, transmitted, or otherwise uploaded.

Although certain jurisdictions or states do not authorize the exclusion or restriction of responsibility in those states or jurisdictions for consequential or incidental losses, our responsibility shall be restricted to the greatest extent allowed by statute.


You accept that rhinestonebeltstore.com and our parent's subsidiaries, associates, partners, agents, administrators, companies, distributors, licensors, service providers, subcontractors, manufacturers, interns, and employees shall be harmless from any allegation or claim, namely fair attorney's fees, due to or resulting from your violation of these Terms of Service and your violation.


Assume it is claimed that any clause in these Terms of Service is unconstitutional, invalid, or unenforceable. In that case, such a clause shall, however, be actionable to the greatest extent allowed by relevant legislation and shall not impact the integrity and constitutionality of any remaining provisions by the unenforceable section of such Terms of Service.


The parties' privileges and obligations just before the termination date shall prevail the Contract's termination for all reasons.

These Terms of Service are practical until and unless both you and rhinestonebeltstore.com terminate them. By telling us that you do not intend to use our Services at any time or terminate your use of our website, you can terminate this TOS. If you do not agree with any terms or obligations under these

Terms of Service in our primary opinion, or if we believe that any term or provision of these Terms of Service has not been interacted with by you. We can also terminate the Contract without any notification in that situation. You would remain accountable for all of the other sums due up to and including the termination date. You may therefore deny access to our Services.


No waiver of such a clause or privilege shall constitute us' unwillingness to practice or impose any right or obligations under these Terms of Service.

These Terms of Service, along with any other guidelines or business procedures published on this platform or the service by us, require a comprehensive Agreement and mutual understanding between you and rhinestonebeltstore.com and control your use of the service, superseding any previous discussions or communications, existing agreements and initiatives between you and rhinestonebeltstore.com, both verbal or written (including, but not limited to, any prior versions of the Terms of Service). Any uncertainty in the meaning of these Terms of Service shall not be deemed against the drafter.


Such Terms & Conditions and all other Contracts we let you have services shall be controlled by and interpreted according to EU and Lithuanian law.


The most up-to-date edition of the Terms of Service can be reviewed at any time on this website.

rhinestonebeltstore.com reserves the right to change, alter or replace any portion of these Terms of Service at our absolute discretion by publishing related alterations to our website. As it is your obligation, you need to check our website for updates. After any revisions to these Terms of Service have been released, your continuing use or connection to our website or service indicates approval of such modifications.


Questions regarding the terms of service should be submitted to rhinestonebeltstore.com/contact-us or support@rhinestonebeltstore.com